What are waves and resonant magnetic fields?.

Waves are simply the "inherent vibrational energy" of everything in the universe, and the vibrations (vibrational energy) of the smallest subatomic particles that form matter, including us, are called such. It is said that words, sounds, our bodies, and even the universe are formed by a collection of tiny subatomic particles. Each of these subatomic particles vibrates, and their vibrational energy harmonizes and resonates with each other, causing visible and invisible phenomena. When there is a disturbance in this vibrational energy, the disturbance spreads gradually like ripples, and over time, it gradually causes a larger disturbance at the cellular, organ, and physical levels, resulting in disharmony. This can manifest itself in the form of physical and mental discomfort, bad luck, or inability to get things done. In order to regulate the mind, body and luck, it is important to correct these energy disturbances as soon as possible. It is believed that these energies are stored in the energy fields of each dimensional level. It is believed that information is stored in energy fields at each level of the dimensional hierarchy. These information fields are also called "information fields" or "morphogenetic fields," and we call them "resonant magnetic fields. We call this the "resonant magnetic field." Based on the idea that the information in the energy field changes first and eventually materializes, it is thought that health, happiness, and luck in this world can be obtained by keeping this field, or "resonant magnetic field" information, close to its normal state. It is difficult to explain the invisible world, but numerous reports have shown that adjusting the energy of the resonant field, which is the cause of the problem, can change the resulting state of reality.

Encounters with Waves

When I talk about waves, what I can't leave out is my encounter with the late Dr. Masaru Emoto. It was 1994 when I first met Dr. Emoto. When I first heard him speak more than 20 years ago, I couldn't help but feel excited, "This is going to be interesting in the future! When I first heard him speak more than 20 years ago, I couldn't help but feel excited, "This is going to be interesting in the future! I felt that this was the way to the truth of the universe. However, the proposal was so advanced and far from reality that it was difficult for Japanese scientists to accept. Inspired by the fact that no two snowflakes are the same, he thought that if water were frozen, each crystal would have a different shape. This technique convinced and moved many people, and his water crystal photography and book "Messages from Water" were applauded not only in Japan, but also overseas. After I was injured in the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, I realized the preciousness of life and how limited life is, and I decided to knock on the door of Dr. Emoto's company and ask to learn about wave motion, because I wanted to do what I was satisfied with and live my life without regrets. In 2014, I received my certification from the International Wave Instructor School. Unfortunately, in the fall of that year, this was my last opportunity to learn directly from Dr. Emoto. Strangely enough, I was able to take over the "Power of Prayer" class that he had been teaching before his death and still teach it at the school today. Nowadays, as a result of repeated research and experiments by socially authoritative scholars, it has been proven that water stores information through the results of DNA teleportation by Dr. Luc Montagnier, a Nobel laureate in physiology and medicine, and the results of experiments on the fourth water phase by Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington, a leading water researcher.

Water crystal photo

These are some of the "water crystal photographs" invented by the late Dr. Masaru Emoto, a world authority on wave motion, which have become world famous and have been published in books and photo books. Dr. Emoto wondered if it would be possible to somehow capture invisible information in a visible form, so he showed the water letters and pictures, played music, and delivered the power of prayer, and then froze the water to fix and retain the information. We conducted numerous experiments to see how the crystals of natural water from sacred places and other places would change.

As a result, we found that water that showed beautiful words tended to produce beautiful crystals, while water that showed negative words tended not to produce beautiful crystals. It also became clear that tap water, for example, is difficult to produce beautiful crystals. He then presented his findings to the world in the form of "water crystal photographs. This was one of the experiments that made visible the effect of the vibrational energy of words on water and the fact that water retains this information. This was one of the experiments that made visible the effect of words on water and the effect of vibrational energy on water, and water retains this information.

Energy Body

What we usually refer to as the "body" is the material physical body, and overlapping that material physical body, there exists a vibrational body as energy. What is commonly referred to as the "aura" represents the good or bad state of the bio-energy of the lower levels of this energy body. When this bio-energy is depleted and the soul, which is the higher life energy, separates from the material body, that is death. When the body and life energy separate, we die, which is the end of life, but the soul, which has left the body, is said to be eternal. The etheric body, which is closest to the material realm, is the energy body commonly referred to as the "bio-energy or chi body. This etheric body almost overlaps with the physical body and is the energy body of the vibrational realm where toxins, viral waves, and spiritual possession energies are said to resonate and enter. In oriental medicine, the pathway through which qi flows around and connects energy gathering points called "acupuncture points" is called "meridians," but the concept of "qi" in qigong refers to the energy of the etheric body in terms of vibrations. The astral body is one of the intermediate layers of the energy bodies that make up several invisible bodies, and is an energy body known as the "emotional body" that exists in a slightly higher vibrational realm than the etheric body. It is said that when negative emotional energy accumulates here, the energy becomes stagnant, and negative vibrations in the astral body attract toxins and viral vibrations to the etheric body. Originally, "astral" was an adjective meaning "starry" or "star-like," and it is a very important field that is said to be a hierarchical energy body connected to the universe. The mental body is the template of the psyche that creates the habits of thought, state of mind and personality that have been accumulated over the years since childhood. The corpus callosum is a more refined field, and it is a higher energy body in which information about life issues and karma that have been carried over from previous and past lives, beyond this life (from birth to death, the present life), are imprinted. It is believed that the higher life energy called the soul is this corpus callosum, and since both of these bodies are far beyond our material awareness, it is difficult to actually see or recognize them. Today, technology has advanced to the point where we can remotely measure the state of a person's energy field and modify it without actually meeting them, anywhere on the planet. These are distant healing and distant resonant field measurements. Through these sessions and healings, athletes can achieve higher performance, and their luck and health can be checked and adjusted before they are disturbed. For the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, we recommend that you see a doctor. Resonant field measurement and distant healing are not a substitute for them.

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