Tengoku Ito. Itoh Tengoku is not only a performer of Ryu-on Singing Bowls, but also an expert in He is also a multi-talented artist who uses resonant magnetic field (information field) research and wave transfer technology for distant healing, CD production, overseas distribution He is also a multi-talented artist who can freely handle a wide range of activities such as book publishing, Internet marketing, entrepreneurial support, and consulting.

Activities as a performer

While distributing and subscribing to music in 167 countries overseas through Apple Music, etc., he has performed at Izumo Taisha Shrine, Kashima Shrine, and other Shinto shrines in Japan, as well as at Koyasan, where he has performed at more than 57 locations, including the annual dedication at the Soshu Nativity (birth festival of Kobo-Daishi Kukai). They have also given solo performances and made guest appearances at events in such overseas holy places as Egypt, Sedona, Shasta, and Portland. She also made her CD debut in 2015 with "Dragon Sound Singing Bowl - The World as Kukai Saw It" and released an international version of the CD in 2016. In addition to performing at shrines and temples, she has appeared at healing fairs in Tokyo and Osaka, and has given talks and live performances all over Japan. Since 2016, I have been providing music for magazines and publishing original CD books, and in 2019, my CD "Awakening to Divinity - Encounter with the Gods" was released. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Activities on resonant magnetic fields/waves

As an International Wave Motion Instructor who was directly taught and certified by Dr. Masaru Emoto, the late author of the international bestseller "Message from Water," who was also an expert in subatomic level resonant magnetic field energy adjustment, he has taken over the lectures that Dr. Emoto used to give before his death and is now teaching at the "International Wave Motion Instructor School," which attracts participants from all over the world. After his death, he took over the lectures that he had given himself before his death and is now teaching at the "International Wave Motion Instructor School" where participants from all over the world gather. He is also a "numerology therapist" who has mastered the wave measurement technique of the most advanced manual measuring equipment, and listens to the degree of resonance of sounds and makes them into numerology codes. In 2018, she launched an online school for IT x wave measurement technology with Yoshinari Ichimura, and is also working on teaching measurement technology and training future generations. He has developed his own Astral Moon Healing(R) for the new and full moons, and has been offering monthly wave transfer healings at the new and full moons to registered members nationwide since 2014. He has conducted more than 10,500 distant healings to date. He recommends the research of Prof. G. Pollack, who advocates the existence of the "fourth phase of water" to the academic community at the University of Washington, and is spreading the truth about the information memory of water to the world. From 2014 to 2017, he was in charge of wave motion measurement as a recommended session at the Funai Forum, an event hosted by the late Yukio Funai, founder of Funai Research Institute, Inc. He has a record of full house with only reservations before the event. He is also the only wave motion specialist recommended by Masanori Kanda, a top international marketer.

Career history



By the time he was in his twenties, he had experienced three major car accidents, including being hit by a dump truck when he was five years old.
2011年In the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, he broke both her legs and spent about two months in the hospital. While gazing at Mt. Fuji in the distance from him wheelchair, he asked hisself what he could do for the world and for people, and decided to live in the world of "sound and wave motion" and started his career as a singing bowl player.
2013年He established the Resonant Magnetic Field Research Institute and started researching multi-dimensional resonant magnetic field and consciousness field measurement technology. He advocated Real Ascension and started seminars and consulting, which became a hot topic in the Internet industry. Performed singing bowls at the Amagawadai Benzaiten Shrine. Began giving talks and live events all over Japan.
2014年Appeared in a special New Year's conversation in the international journal "IHM WORLD". Performed resonant magnetic field measurement as a recommended session by the organizer at the "Funai Forum" event hosted by the company of Yukio Funai, founder of Funai Research Institute. Originally developed Astral Moon Healing(R) for New and Full Moons, and started remote wave transfer healing for members nationwide.
2015年CD debut with the release of the 2CD set "Ryu-on Singing Bowl - The World as Kukai Saw It" from Warble Records. It is also available on Tower Records and Amazon. Launched the "Super Right Brain Development & Life Lightening Program" video content delivery service with Naoki Yamaoka.
2016年International version of the CD "RYUON~dragon sound~" was released. Became a lecturer at the International Wave Motion Instructor School, inheriting the lectures of the late Masaru Emoto, the world-renowned developer of "water crystal photography". He appeared in Nameko Shinsan's "Soul Life Dojo" in "Monthly Moo". The book was later published as a book. Achieved 1,000 individual sessions of resonant magnetic field measurement.
2017年Released her first book, "Listen to the power of the dragon to bring you luck". Appeared on FM Hi-Ho Nara 81.4MHz. Studied under Ms. Terry Simons and completed the first Starseed lesson in Japan. As a Starseed Navigator, he builds real ascension programs that support the manifestation of the cosmic soul and light up the reality in front of his eyes.
2018年At the Aoba Festival in Koyasan, the last "Ryune" solo dedication performance of the Heisei era will be given to the head priest, Kobo-Daishi Kukai, in the main hall of Kongobuji Temple. Launched the "Dragon Sound Dedication Project" to promote the official pilgrimage of the Dragon Sound Dedication Performance to create a pillar of light throughout Japan, focusing on the Ichinomiya Shrine. He has appeared on the Tochigi TV news program "Evening 6". Certified as a "numerology therapist" by Seiichiro Yoshinouchi, a numerology researcher. Appeared in "Healing Fair TOKYO" at Tokyo Big Sight, one of the largest in Japan. Launched the online school "Wave Motion School" with Yoshinari Ichimura to teach measurement techniques and train future generations. He has developed a unique program that is unrivaled in its use of dragon sounds and remote wave transfer technology.
2019年CD "Awakening to Divinity - Encounter with the Gods" released. CD "Awakening to Divinity - Encounters with the Gods" is released and a concert is held at the Dome Hall in Oji, Tokyo to commemorate the release. Appeared at "Healing Fair OSAKA" and gave a free lecture and a paid workshop. Koyasan Sosho Hozankai (Aoba Festival) at Kongobuji Temple for the second year in a row and the first time in 2024. Held an overseas solo lecture with simultaneous interpretation between Japan and the U.S. in Portland, U.S.A. Participated as a guest speaker in the international event "Avatars of the Earth Gathering" at the foot of Mount Shasta in California. Achieved a total of 10,000 distant healings. Live appearance on FM Radio Shimizu Marine Pal 76.3MHz.
2020年Started digital distribution and subscription of "Ryu-on Singing Bowl" to 167 countries including Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music. Achieved 50 dedications to temples and shrines in the "Dragon Sound Dedication Project". Started "Dragon Sound Singing Bowl" courses (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Performed live as a guest on "Starseed Space FES" which has over 200,000 viewers. Certified as an Ashtar ARP Healing Teacher.
2021年"Live performance at Starseed Space FES 2021 Main Festival. Certified as Ashtar ASMP Professional Channel. Expanded her activities as an FM radio personality.

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